About Shelly

Shelly Hiddleson, was born in San Diego, CA. Her father was in the U.S. Navy and based in San Diego. She lived with her family in the Mission Hills area. She was THE area babysitter and always loved baking for people. Shelly won many cake contests and always enjoyed working the cafeteria in grade school. Food was the center of her most beloved family memories. Shelly’s Mother, Sharon Hammett, inspired her love of receiving beautiful home made cakes by baking and decorating family celebration cakes.

Shelly’s summers growing up were spent in the Oregon with her Grandparents, Rufus and Lorraine (Ufdah!). They were born in South Dakota and grew up on a dairy farms. Lorraine was a mother of seven children, loved Bingo and was a Pillsbury bake-off winner, baking and selling celebration cakes from her home for extra money. Gramma Lorraine loved clamming at the coast, salmon fishing, friends, family, Faith Lutheran potlucks and Eagles Lodge parties. Shelly creates Lorraine’s simple and honest recipes.

Down South in Louisiana, Shelly’s other Grandma, Lucille Hammett, a retired hotelier, enjoyed cooking for Barges on the Mississippi River. Miss Lucille was an Eastern Star and a real hoot. She made the best biscuits anywhere. Passing her love of the hotel industry on to Shelly, teaching her the art of southern hospitality. Shelly’s Seasonal “Disco” Pralines are a nod to Miss Lucille.

Shelly holds a Professional Culinary Arts/Management in Hospitality. She has been a member of the Screen Actors Guild since 1995 when she performed as an actress, as well as completed courses at one of the nation’s top-ranked regional theatres, The Old Globe Theatre in San Diego, CA.

In 2009, Shelly started baking desserts wholesale for a local coffee house in Mission Hills, San Diego, CA. Soon she was delivering her sought after sweets to other coffee establishments and stores under the name, Mission Hills Baking Company. Following her passion of baking sweets, in 2012 she relocated to the Pasadena area and began focusing on her next food venture, Shelly Hospitality, Folk-Art Cake + Buffet hand crafted sweets inspired by family roots. Shelly Hospitality’s focus is to put the love back in food. Come for the sweets, stay for the hospitality.